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Sci-fi Saturdays

Robo Cops?

Say it ain't so.

Dubai police have announced the implementation of their robotic and "smart" police force.

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Dubai Police plans use of robots and artificial intelligence by 2020

The first smart police station won't require employees, as authorities in Dubai will launch several forms of smart mechanisms run by artificial intelligence.

Their prototype robot officer was showcased at the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) in 2016. The robot was produced by IBM's supercomputer, Watson, and is able to roll freely and interact (as one would expect is necessary).

One has to wonder how long before such programs are suggested in other jurisdictions. Will labor laws prevent this, delay, or require new laws? Will the savings gained from no work force allow funding of expensive manufacturing, maintenance, and powering of these devices?

how do you feel about an already progressively dehumanized world where no human answers a phone in customer service...or if so, is not located in your country?




Flying cars. Has it finally come to pass?

Just in time for 2020?

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Moller International's Skycar (artists digital rendition).

Many companies are in a race to provide the first commercially viable "flying car". The designs all tend to incorporate more airplane than car, so at the moment it only goes skin deep (not ignoring new air regulations and possible take-offs from places other than an airstrip...).

We will see whether technologies develop to allow more than just cars to fly.

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Slovakian firm AeroMobil plans to finalize its flying car design and begin accepting deposits in 2017.


Manning's Star Wars

When Star Wars was young, the need for Star Wars was as strong as it is today.

Fans cried out for more and a man named Russ Manning helped do that.

Known for his work on the Tarzan and son of Tarzan comics from Dell and newspaper strips, Russ Manning was a master. His Magnus Robot Fighter placed him well into the genre of sci-fi as well.


Brian Daley

Not a Jinx...

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In school, I stumbled upon Jinx on a Terran Inheritance.

Wow. Most books in the school library were not about science fiction, if we went into the library at all (usually due to rain or forced study).

What a find. Brain told a story that was hilarious, full of action and well developed characters, namely - Hobart Floyt and Alacrity Fitzhugh.

Right, crazy names as well.

Image result for Requiem for a Ruler of Worlds

The hunt was on to learn more, to find more of his work. Jinx was the second in a series, that thrilled me, yet it was two years before finding and buying Requiem. And after that came the hunt for Fall of the White Ship Avatar.

What do you do when there is no more of something? In this case, you hold off reading the final novel...for many years.

During that time I discovered some of the Star Wars novels I enjoyed were also by Brian.

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And then...

...there's Gammalaw and the Doomfarers Of Coramonde, books by Brian that have always intrigued.

My discoveries of his uncanny influence on my creative beginnings and joyful media memories didn't end there. Brian and his co-author James Luceno collaborated on a number of novels, including Robotech, while also being contributing writers to the awesome Galaxy Rangers cartoon.

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Image result

Tron was never a thing for me, yet Brian wrote the novelization of the original movie.

Brian Daley passed away in 1996.