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Danger's Dozen #1 in stores December 5th!

May the shipping fates have mercy on us! Diamond ships Danger's Dozen #1 into stores Wednesday December 5th!

Long in coming, the Danger's Dozen tells the tale of ass-kickin' Boss Aman and his team of mad adventurers - the Danger's Dozen! They BELONG to Danger! They compete for the right to bitch-slap the devil and stand up against threats to the earth!

As reality is threatened and earth's destruction is foretold - Aman gathers his force to hold back the end and fight for the future.




Hellboy mini-series Lobster Johnson artist Jason Armstrong, illustrates Danger's Dozen stories that rock. With caricature and exaggeration, his style is a mixture of cartoon and old Kirby power. Add to that the colors of series colorist Gabe El-Taeb, and you have some powerful art. Jason keeps it fun, exciting and simple. Things are full of action and right on the money when it comes to the bare bones of the story. It is a joy to see the script evolve to finished pages of Saturday morning cartoon proportions! And we're talkin' 80's action cartoons, baby! That's right - "half-hour toy commercials"! ;)

His slick style and fun attitude is just part of what makes the Danger's Dozen such a fun book. Jason's first work for the current issues (but not his first on the Danger's Dozen) was the short tale of how Boss Aman - mysterious man of action - discovered the powerful and ancient Wadjet Eye! Wadjet WHAT? The All Seeing EYE! of course. The Eye that is always with Aman in each issue of the Dozen.

Jason soon followed with the tale of the Z-Squadron - Australia's Air Force heroes, and two-fisted men of action! There's much more to come, as Jason returns with covers, pinups, and further tales revealing the saga of the Danger's Dozen!

If you enjoy Jason's work on Lobster Johnson - if you've read his own series Ferro City from Image Comics - or his pulp-action hero Doc Thunder, then you know what's to come in each story of the Danger's Dozen from Jason ATOMIC Armstrong!

Okay, okay, so besides the Danger's Dozen...
WHO is Doc Thunder? He's the world's last defense against evil aliens, maniacal madmen and fifty-foot monsters! Always prepared for adventure with a secret atomic device or the activation of his atomic-powered Thunder Gloves! KRAK! Hero of Neutron City!

Y'know, he'd get along just fine with the Dozen. Ah well, one day ;)


Bart Sears!

The titanic power of Bart Sears comes to A First Salvo!

Sears has illustrated a number of covers and pinups for A First Salvo on Danger's Dozen material.

Known for his extremely powerful art and muscled, dynamic figures, Bart Sears will be penciling and inking his own work here at A First Salvo.

Some of his first work will be the short story seen here, soon in brilliant color, and one of our series of alternate covers for the Danger's Dozen.

Look for more exciting work from Sears and A First Salvo!


Mike Wieringo

Sadly, I will never have the chance to meet Mike. Although we had the briefest of emails when I sent an invite on MySpace and Comic Space, it was his best friend Todd that I've managed to build an acquaintance with. And now... reading so much about what a great guy Mike was... I'm wishing I had emailed him, had told him how great I thought his art was. Took the time to ask him if he'd like to do something with us.

That was the point, right? That when Gil Kane passed, it was a wake up call that you can't wait to do anything in life. That, if we wanted to work with the comic greats who inspired us - well, it wasn't hard to ask! Seems I missed my own revelation. Missed out on another "friend in the industry", a pal to chat with at a convention or just share an email about comics and art.

The first time I saw Mike's art, was in FLASH, and it was such fun art, that I had to have more. There was a get-together at a friend's house, and everyone had a look at it, we left to find more issues, and that never happened before or since. Mike's art was so infectious. Followed him to various titles, but never was he so better served then on Spider-Man. And sure, I agree with Mr, Waid - Mike was ALSO perfect for Captain Marvel - SHAZAM!

The issues in the Savage Land, in Sensational Spider-Man were GREAT! So much fun, and it recalled the Spidey in the Savage Land from the Micheal Golden penned tale further back. True fun.

His run on Fantastic Four brought a lot of what was needed back into the FF. Sure, Mark did his fair share, but the FF had always been about fun and fantasy, and Mike brought a light back to the FF, something that has been lost again.

Mike is missed by everyone. His impact was immense. His personality won so many over to him, and his art brought along the rest. He was humble, but he was talented! He loved what he did and he sure seemed to have a lot of fun doing it. It's a shame he will never get the chance to bless us with more of his personal and co-creations, like Tellos. Man, there was a book I loved! I hope Todd is able to write more of Tellos... but maybe it just isn't right? It surely won't be the same. Tellos continued without Mike's pencils... but now, without Mike enjoying the read too? Or free to contribute more?

Mike will always remain a titan in the field. They say the good die young, and Mike by all accounts, was better than good!

He went out at the top of his game, like so many other giants who live on in LEGEND.

And does anyone find it eerie that Bart Allen is also dead?


KA-BOOM! Artists that ROCK!

We've got some really great guys collaborating here at A FIRST SALVO - from Norm and his brother Kevin, to Jason Armstrong and our recent wonder - John Royle. That stunning, eye-catching rush of AMAN that you see - is a pin-up by John and inker Dan Davis. The Dozen is a bunch of fun to work on, and only the tip of the iceberg that is the Salvoverse.

'Salvoverse' - that was coined by comics legend Alan Weiss. Now there's a fun guy to work with. BOUNDLESS ideas and countless stories. He'll talk your ear off with the COOLEST stuff, and although it's been hours, you are PUMPED when the conversation ends. A cosmos and worlds of wonder await!

Series artist of Danger's Dozen, Norm Breyfogle, is HARD at work on the Danger's Dozen #5. He's also prepped an alternate incentive cover for DD#1 - to be inked by aforementioned Weiss. What a wonder those two are - working together. Two titanic talents! With creamy filling! In FACT, Alan penciled a pin-up that Norm has inked - and you'll have to wait until that issue hits stands before you take a gander!

Hmmm, and WHEN does the Danger's Dozen hit stores? We'll leave Previews ordering details until the appropriate time - but this winter, DD#1 comes at you in full color, with each issue ready to follow. We did mention issue #5 is being finished right now?

There's a lot planned for 2008, but we aim to hit with the Danger's Dozen this winter and build on its start. Each issue will be drawn by Norm Breyfogle, and later this fall, his brother Kevin joins him in production. Regular back-up stories feature art by series colorist Gabe El-Taeb (yes, he draws too!), Jason Armstrong, First Salvo Partner Anthony Cannonier, Dave Ross (series artist on Contract, launching next year), John Royle (see above) and contributions from Alan Weiss!


Danger's Dozen!

What a long road! Here we are, at the mid-point of the year - or there abouts - with much of the first story arc of Danger's Dozen complete. Issue 5 is in production now. Sure, there is more coloring to do, back-ups to complete, but the Dozen will be making their way to you quite soon!

The monthly grind is on! Diamond Comics Distributors were happy to list the Danger's Dozen in the next available Previews, but we've taken care to have the books ready. Nothing worse than soliciting books that just aren't ready! Less said about that - the better! We know the sort ;)

What is the Danger's Dozen? Well, it follows the leader of the crew - Boss Aman. Aman, a former WWII bomber ace, leads a mad group of veterans against all manner of threats to earth and humanity. Cosmic explorers and adventurers of the extreme, Aman's hand-picked teams do NOT always survive the mission! You read that right, no one is safe! This is the 'Danger's Dozen' - they BELONG to Danger!


2007, On the comics scene

Welcome to the Salvo Jam!

What will you see in 2007? Well, from A First Salvo, there'll be new projects.

Jason Howard drew this beauty, featuring SI & DI, members of the United Forces. Saga Six: Echoes is a stand-alone special telling the story of ancient wars and the consequences that threaten a planet where a final battle was fought...

But there is far more - Norm Breyfogle and Sal Velluto continue to turn in stunning pages on work you wouldn't believe. They are both drawing some of their best work - and for both, that is truly saying something!

Here's a sneak at the working covers for both...

The Danger's Dozen by Mr. Breyfogle and Wild Days by Sal Velluto.

Norm is a master of action and movement, of musculature and showing so much with very little.
Sal is a detail man - his art takes great care to show those details - cracks, debris on a city street or pebbles and rocks in a desert - and always, he wants more splashes, more ACTION, and the stories have plenty ;)

And a special tip of the hat to the excellent Franchesco, for two great covers he's drawn so far...

Just a little sneak peak of CONTRACT, a tale of the bounty hunter Jessie Garrett!