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 Have to admit to a few favorites among the art contest submissions. The above piece has a sense of power and subtlety that works very well. It is also a good bit of painting, with a somber mood - an atmosphere to it.

Another great effort - and it captures Jes' grace and beauty. And hey - a good bit of Alphonse Mucha :)

What a cover it could make. It serves its purpose, drawing you in. But where's Tsumi? Maybe that's the point - you want to know.

The mystery of Meth... perhaps better left unrevealed and seldom shown! Truly one of the coolest members of the Contract cast. This is great as a comic book pin-up or cover. Gives a real sense of unity between the two characters, and yet a separation too.


Contract Contest closed

The cool Contract contest ran its course and many entries lay before creator 'Mad!'

Here are some random wonders...

...and so many more!