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If CONTRACT was released as a pack of all 6 printed issues at your Local Comic Store would you buy it?


Toth Tuesday -

In keeping with the fighter pilot theme and up-coming First Salvo stories...

One of Toth's few EC tales...

In typical Toth style, the piece radiates in contrast. Black is very strong and there are few details. Yet the work does not suffer. An example of the colored first page shows how even FEWER lines (in the case of the clouds - compare below) makes for great pop art in flat color.



Jessie by nunchaku

Yep, it's a showdown between creative desperadoes - who will win?

  • 1st place: $200 Yehaww! :woohoo:
  • 2nd place: $100 Still worth a woohoo! :la:
  • 3rd place: $75 Now that ain't shabby either! :D
  • 4th place: $50 Prize money for a fourth place win!
  • 5th place: 12 month DA subscription.
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  • 6th place: 3 month DA subscription
3 winners will be picked from this category!
SPECIAL PRIZE: Nebaroth's Favorite entry will get receive a color commission from him.

The Rules:
Easy! Draw/Paint/Sculpt etc. your FAVORITE Character (or Characters) from CONTRACT! The entries will be judged by GaranMad and a few of the awesome artists at DeviantArt.
Rob Banbury

What to draw:
That's up to you really let your imagination run wild and have fun with it (i.e. sketch card, pin-up, sequential art, animations, etc). Check the CHARACTER SHEETS folder for their turnaround designs....

The Deadline:
Monday, May 31st 2010!

Jessie by contestant Antoanela91
Rules Part 2: There are NO RULES... okay, maybe a few... "note" me a link to your image, please keep it PG-13ish, give a link back to this contest page, and only one entry per contestant.

**Clarification: Please note that none of the illustrations you see in my featured gallery are currently included in the contest... all contest entries will have their own folder.

***Collabs are allowed, However, the members of the Collaboration team cannot then submit more work on their own. They would be considered ONE contestant. Should the collaboration team win, they will have to decide (or split) amongst themselves whatever prize they have won.

**** PRIZE DONATION: If anyone would like to Donate ADDITIONAL Prizes please feel free to note me


Toth Tuesdays

Now there's an idea - "Toth Tuesdays"! Posting material about the late, great Alex Toth every Tuesday. And why not? There is plenty of his amazing art out there and it was mentioned that Toth would be featured regularly here at Blog Salvo.

To start, here on a Sunday post, a short and typical Toth Tale - Burma Sky. It features perhaps his favorite subject - war-birds in action, dog-fighting in the skies of yesteryear, and all delineated with his economy of line and shadow.

A certain fiery redhead suggested it be told that a WW2 tale will soon be posted featuring Danger's Dozen leader Boss Aman during his RAF days. While no comparison to the fine work of Alex Toth, the drawings in stories like Burma Sky are a continuing influence on the work.

Tales of Danger: Aman

Sketchdump Saturdays

Guilty - missed one day, yet here it is - from the latest short story, gag -

Playin' Doctor by 'Bambs79'!

She Hulk TM & Copyright 2010, Marvel Comics

From roughs to finished piece, always interesting to see the workings of comic art.

All art work - Rob Banbury.


Comics on the web

With the release of the iPad and the continued popularity of the iPhone and its clones, the possibilities for digital comics expands.

The Comixology reader and selection of comics on iTunes, is a wonderful way to catch up on your comic reading.

A large variety of publishers, including Marvel, Image and Boom, list a number of their titles. Reading is straight forward, as the panels are brought up on the iPhone screen for ease of viewing. Better yet, with the size of the iPad, comics can be read at true size.

The future holds further potential, with development of computer-based Readers, allowing comics to be read on your home computer.

First Salvo continues to release the Contract series: Solo Missions, World of Contract and exclusives - keep up-to-date here at Blog Salvo and the Contract Comic site.