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CONTRACT hits stores in JUNE!

Order codes are:
APR083502 CONTRACT #0 A $0.25 preview issue
MAY083541 CONTRACT #1 Which ships with 2 covers 50/50 ratio by Al Rio and Kevin Sharpe respectively. This SUPER SIZE first issue is only $3.99
Issues will continue with a $2.99 price tag

Artists Franchesco, Dave Ross, Yvel Guichet, Kevin Sharpe, Sal Velluto, Ariel Padilla and inkers Mark McKenna, Rick Ketcham and Joe Rubinstein, and colorists Fusion and Danimation have all worked with us on producing this new title.

We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have or perhaps partake in an interview.

Here is a synopsis for Issue #1 found in Diamond's May Previews page 205

In a capitalist world's dark future, Mercenary is no longer just a soldier for hire. It's a way of life. Law is enforced by cyber-powered Mercs and life or death is decided by the lowest bidder. There is no right or wrong beyond the price in hard currency. Jessie Garrett, however, is everything most Mercs are not: honest, selfless and determined to bring order to greed-hardened worlds, driven mad by money. But when a corporate kidnapping goes wrong, Jessie, and fellow Mercs, Panzer and Tsumi, get in over their heads. Strip clubs, black-market organ dealers, cyber-enhanced soldiers and the life of one young girl collide in Contract's first 3-part mini-series, and no one can predict the cost. Ships with 2 covers in a 50/50 ratio.