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A First Salvo to New York Comicon!

What a weekend! A First Salvo Partner Garan Madeiros and Danger's Dozen illustrator Norm Breyfogle braved the MASSES at the 2008 New York Comicon and what a convention it was! Hordes decended upon them as copies of Danger's Dozen #1 through 3 and DD:Interlude were handed out alongside CONTRACT #0 with previews of work from the ongoing and a short story by Kevin Sharpe! Illustrated by Ariel Padilla, Contract follows bounty hunter Jessie Garrett and her crew - Panzer and Tsumi as they accept dangerous contracts and bounties. In fact ComiXology http://www.comixology.com/promotions gave away several more of our comics at the NYCC and lucky visitors were sure to find them at their booth, our booth, inker Mark McKenna's booth and several other sources.

There's more to come in 2008, as Contract begins in June and Danger's Dozen continues, following Contract's launch, with a Danger's Dozen promotional issue and the latest three-issue arc - where the action hits and doesn't stop - with a stunning new 64 page issue with guess stars from the indie worlds - Nexus, Badger, Bomb Queen, Doc Thunder, Steelgrip Starky and War Dancer - as Aman crosses worlds battling against the Lemurian General Ariss!