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2007, On the comics scene

Welcome to the Salvo Jam!

What will you see in 2007? Well, from A First Salvo, there'll be new projects.

Jason Howard drew this beauty, featuring SI & DI, members of the United Forces. Saga Six: Echoes is a stand-alone special telling the story of ancient wars and the consequences that threaten a planet where a final battle was fought...

But there is far more - Norm Breyfogle and Sal Velluto continue to turn in stunning pages on work you wouldn't believe. They are both drawing some of their best work - and for both, that is truly saying something!

Here's a sneak at the working covers for both...

The Danger's Dozen by Mr. Breyfogle and Wild Days by Sal Velluto.

Norm is a master of action and movement, of musculature and showing so much with very little.
Sal is a detail man - his art takes great care to show those details - cracks, debris on a city street or pebbles and rocks in a desert - and always, he wants more splashes, more ACTION, and the stories have plenty ;)

And a special tip of the hat to the excellent Franchesco, for two great covers he's drawn so far...

Just a little sneak peak of CONTRACT, a tale of the bounty hunter Jessie Garrett!