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Contract Website!

Contract is a comic that - let's face it - features a world a lot more like 2010 was always envisioned to be. Not HOW it was envisioned to be - just, you know - with lots of tech and... flying cars.

The fabulous Contract website, http://www.contractcomic.com/ has been polished for 2010 with a bundle of merc goodies. There is a growing gallery of Contract related art, including some mighty fine Anime-styled renditions of the cast and new web comics - all found with handy-dandy links on the home page. The web-shorts will be a continuing feature, as will new issues of Contract Vol. 2. And of course, don't forget to purchase past and new, full issues of Contract via our order links and business buddies.

Need a shirt on your back? Why, there's a cool selection of Ts just waiting for you at a few presses of delightful buttons. That's right - merc merchandise! LOL!

Jump over to the Contract website! Thanks for coming :)

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