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Toth Tuesdays

Now there's an idea - "Toth Tuesdays"! Posting material about the late, great Alex Toth every Tuesday. And why not? There is plenty of his amazing art out there and it was mentioned that Toth would be featured regularly here at Blog Salvo.

To start, here on a Sunday post, a short and typical Toth Tale - Burma Sky. It features perhaps his favorite subject - war-birds in action, dog-fighting in the skies of yesteryear, and all delineated with his economy of line and shadow.

A certain fiery redhead suggested it be told that a WW2 tale will soon be posted featuring Danger's Dozen leader Boss Aman during his RAF days. While no comparison to the fine work of Alex Toth, the drawings in stories like Burma Sky are a continuing influence on the work.

Tales of Danger: Aman

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