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Gaspar Saladino is a letterer's letterer. While hand-lettering has largely been replaced by digital fonts, Gaspar has long been one of the best in the business - both on covers and interiors,

His interior work gained him the confidence of Carmen Infantino for DC Comics, and out of the inside pages onto the covers. Both his cover-copy and ad copy lettering brought excitement to the DC line. His letters were works of art, inked and crafted with great variety. From title lettering to sound effects, Gaspar made an impact.

With bold, clear lettering and freehand balloons, Gaspar made the dialogue clear, while remaining "invisible". Where he WAS visible, it mattered - the advertisements - classic DC half and quarter page ads showcasing the greatness of the house titles.

Along with cover art, Gaspar's lettering spoke to readers and sold comics.

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