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The Dude

Perhaps best known for his co-creation, Nexus, Steve Rude is a modern legend of comic art.

Clearly influenced by Jack Kirby, if one knows more of the Dude's influences, others become clear. From Andrew Loomis, come the foundations of figure construction and illustrative thinking. From Alex Toth's animation period comes character, settings and vehicular designs. Why, there are even touches of Dr Seuss, in many of the aliens and landscapes (again, mixed with animated Toth).

That he blends them so well is why he's "The Dude" (among other reasons).

Typically, when illustrating, everything is depicted through the use of light and shadow. However, Rude's masterful use of the 'decorative method', adds variety and uniqueness to his art. Usually seen in Nexus, the use of patterns on clothing, silhouetted body parts, lightened or darkened hair - shapes - are used in the starkest of a design or "decorative", sense.

Rude's paintings resemble the illustrative styles of Loomis.

From his early painted covers of Nexus, to his more recent, the magnitude of the work involved is reflected in the volume of sketch and study he maintains. Numerous sketchbooks contain mini works of art, sketches resembling figure-drawings from Andrew Loomis' books, studies of Kirby's explosive, bold design or doodles of Toth-esque creatures and people. Through constant drawing, his art is perfected, but, ever the perfectionist - he's never quite satisfied. The mark of a master.

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