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Danger's Dozen!

What a long road! Here we are, at the mid-point of the year - or there abouts - with much of the first story arc of Danger's Dozen complete. Issue 5 is in production now. Sure, there is more coloring to do, back-ups to complete, but the Dozen will be making their way to you quite soon!

The monthly grind is on! Diamond Comics Distributors were happy to list the Danger's Dozen in the next available Previews, but we've taken care to have the books ready. Nothing worse than soliciting books that just aren't ready! Less said about that - the better! We know the sort ;)

What is the Danger's Dozen? Well, it follows the leader of the crew - Boss Aman. Aman, a former WWII bomber ace, leads a mad group of veterans against all manner of threats to earth and humanity. Cosmic explorers and adventurers of the extreme, Aman's hand-picked teams do NOT always survive the mission! You read that right, no one is safe! This is the 'Danger's Dozen' - they BELONG to Danger!

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