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KA-BOOM! Artists that ROCK!

We've got some really great guys collaborating here at A FIRST SALVO - from Norm and his brother Kevin, to Jason Armstrong and our recent wonder - John Royle. That stunning, eye-catching rush of AMAN that you see - is a pin-up by John and inker Dan Davis. The Dozen is a bunch of fun to work on, and only the tip of the iceberg that is the Salvoverse.

'Salvoverse' - that was coined by comics legend Alan Weiss. Now there's a fun guy to work with. BOUNDLESS ideas and countless stories. He'll talk your ear off with the COOLEST stuff, and although it's been hours, you are PUMPED when the conversation ends. A cosmos and worlds of wonder await!

Series artist of Danger's Dozen, Norm Breyfogle, is HARD at work on the Danger's Dozen #5. He's also prepped an alternate incentive cover for DD#1 - to be inked by aforementioned Weiss. What a wonder those two are - working together. Two titanic talents! With creamy filling! In FACT, Alan penciled a pin-up that Norm has inked - and you'll have to wait until that issue hits stands before you take a gander!

Hmmm, and WHEN does the Danger's Dozen hit stores? We'll leave Previews ordering details until the appropriate time - but this winter, DD#1 comes at you in full color, with each issue ready to follow. We did mention issue #5 is being finished right now?

There's a lot planned for 2008, but we aim to hit with the Danger's Dozen this winter and build on its start. Each issue will be drawn by Norm Breyfogle, and later this fall, his brother Kevin joins him in production. Regular back-up stories feature art by series colorist Gabe El-Taeb (yes, he draws too!), Jason Armstrong, First Salvo Partner Anthony Cannonier, Dave Ross (series artist on Contract, launching next year), John Royle (see above) and contributions from Alan Weiss!

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