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Danger's Dozen #1 in stores December 5th!

May the shipping fates have mercy on us! Diamond ships Danger's Dozen #1 into stores Wednesday December 5th!

Long in coming, the Danger's Dozen tells the tale of ass-kickin' Boss Aman and his team of mad adventurers - the Danger's Dozen! They BELONG to Danger! They compete for the right to bitch-slap the devil and stand up against threats to the earth!

As reality is threatened and earth's destruction is foretold - Aman gathers his force to hold back the end and fight for the future.


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bart said...

Just wanted to let you know that tomorrow there will appear a review of Danger's Dozen on brokenfrontier.com. I would also beinterested in interviewing Norm Breyfogle in relation to this comic. Unfortunately, I tried contacting you through the address on the site but it doesn't seem to work.
If you are interested in pursuing this further, please contact me at bartcroonenborghs@brokenfrontier.com

Friendly greetings,
Bart Croonenborghs
Staff writer