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Hellboy mini-series Lobster Johnson artist Jason Armstrong, illustrates Danger's Dozen stories that rock. With caricature and exaggeration, his style is a mixture of cartoon and old Kirby power. Add to that the colors of series colorist Gabe El-Taeb, and you have some powerful art. Jason keeps it fun, exciting and simple. Things are full of action and right on the money when it comes to the bare bones of the story. It is a joy to see the script evolve to finished pages of Saturday morning cartoon proportions! And we're talkin' 80's action cartoons, baby! That's right - "half-hour toy commercials"! ;)

His slick style and fun attitude is just part of what makes the Danger's Dozen such a fun book. Jason's first work for the current issues (but not his first on the Danger's Dozen) was the short tale of how Boss Aman - mysterious man of action - discovered the powerful and ancient Wadjet Eye! Wadjet WHAT? The All Seeing EYE! of course. The Eye that is always with Aman in each issue of the Dozen.

Jason soon followed with the tale of the Z-Squadron - Australia's Air Force heroes, and two-fisted men of action! There's much more to come, as Jason returns with covers, pinups, and further tales revealing the saga of the Danger's Dozen!

If you enjoy Jason's work on Lobster Johnson - if you've read his own series Ferro City from Image Comics - or his pulp-action hero Doc Thunder, then you know what's to come in each story of the Danger's Dozen from Jason ATOMIC Armstrong!

Okay, okay, so besides the Danger's Dozen...
WHO is Doc Thunder? He's the world's last defense against evil aliens, maniacal madmen and fifty-foot monsters! Always prepared for adventure with a secret atomic device or the activation of his atomic-powered Thunder Gloves! KRAK! Hero of Neutron City!

Y'know, he'd get along just fine with the Dozen. Ah well, one day ;)

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