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What's HE up to?

Norm Breyfogle! Famed for his work on DC Comics' Batman, Norm was responsible for the design and aided in the introduction of Tim Drake (currenty Red Robin). He also helped further establish the Malibu Ultraverse with his long-running work on Prime.

He's known to us at A First Salvo, as the series artist for The Danger's Dozen. Across three and one double-sized issues of the Dozen, Norm crafted the first arc in the untold adventures of Aman and his crew.

Closing the arc, Norm sought future work in the industry, and an unusual partnership arose!

The new direction, realistic version Archie, sought to give a new look to Jughead and the gang. While the Archie/Red Circle heroes made the move to DC Comics, Norm found a new home in Riverdale.

Easily one of the more dynamic of the new direction artists, Norm's work is fluid and even "cartoony" enough to strike a happy balance.

The Dan DeCarlo and Stan Goldberg styles may be THE look of Archie, but Norm's take is nice to look at.

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