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Painted Contract

A fair amount of pin-ups for Contract have come as digitally-painted masterpieces. Some stunning stuff. The latest being one of Tsumi.

That's some fine paintin' by Reza ilyasa, a talented Indonesian artist who also produced this stunning piece of ol' Panzer:
And that's not all, his own varied works over at DeviantArt include varied work...
Yup, that's just cool. It's DJ Goh Goh, who also just happens to be in this image:

SketchDump Saturdays will be starting soon, featuring varied work in progress by the TAG team - the First Salvo Partners' work. There will also be varied work on Contract from artists commissioned or volunteering pin-ups, and some of their work as they develop images.

Here's a penciled Jessie Garrett shot, also by the talented Carlos Gomez.

And an example of roughs as will be found in "SketchDump Saturdays"...
Karla Diaz recently painted a jam session of the Stellar Rangers. As you can see, a drawing always goes through a number of stages before completion.
She did an awesome job, ending up with a fun, stylized version of the Contract crew! Jessie and the gang.

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