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The World of Contract

Recent destruction in Haiti brought some questions to mind regarding the world of Contract. Think on it - everything is put to tender. When devastation strikes, who responds? Who would in a world such as this? Who would bid on the need for doctors, for rescue teams, dogs, reconstruction resources, medicine?

Stands to reason, some like-minded individuals would already have bid on such things. Having a standard force ready to mobilize and in that regard, a means to both fund and recoup the resources used.

We often look to the Red Cross and United Nations for help. But what if the peace-keepers were not simply that?

Following World War 2, the United Nations Organization was created to replace what had been a terribly ineffective League of Nations. The League had been developed after WW1 and, as the members where the victors, problems plagued the organization from its inception. Many say the same of the United Nations, gridlocked by Russia and China, and the fact that military forces where never dedicated to the UN by any nation. But what if a global peace-keeping and relief force had been created as an Organ of the UN? A global rescue force able to mobilize hospital ships, aircraft carriers, vtol and landing craft and large-scale helicopters? Perhaps the world was so focused upon war and its aftermath, that the idea of natural disasters was not on anyone's mind. But after the Boxing Day Tsunami, three or four mammoth earth quakes, multiple killer hurricanes, repeat flooding, a pending volcanic eruption or two and the possibility of "The Big One" in California, can we afford not to?

Red Cross

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