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What fine friends in the industry! The folks at Comixology had a Salvo Jam with us some time ago, interviewing and passing out copies of the Danger's Dozen...

But the best was yet to come!

Learn how to use the Comics Reader APP!

Something cool was in the works - research and development. A way to further the good of comics everywhere - the future!

A comic-reader app was developed for the iPhone, with downloads available from Comixology (make that a link) and iTunes.

Asked to take part, the First Salvo Partners turned to GaranMad and the Contract comic series. Already proven as a fan favorite, the image files for printing, were easily adapted for the App. History was made, and a future secured.

Those who missed out on the printings in the first go round, are able to purchase digital copies.

Purchase Contract or download a free copy :)

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